Home Business Tips – Are You in a Good Mood Today?

What is the value of a good mood? In actual fact it is pretty priceless because your mood can effect everything around you. Do you want to be know as the person that people have to treat with “kid gloves”? OR do you want to create business relationships that are based on trust and respect?Stop and think about a time where someones put you down. I know what that does to me, make me start to second guess myself, oh dear what did “I” do wrong? It really can spoil a good mood, can’t it!!When you are happy and in a good mood you are more engaged with what’s going on around you, you learn more easily and your problem solving ability is much more effective.Now I want you to sop and think about a time where you worked with someone who believed in you. Big difference isn’t there, I’ll bet when you thought of that person you were even smiling. The relationships you choose to surround yourself with are very important to your overall mood and whether or not you are in a good mood today.We are in the midst of a social value revolution, and this translates into a good business revolution. Social media is teaching us the importance of relationships, even in big business. How many the the Fortune 500 companies do you see on Facebook or Twitter? examples: John Deere, Southwest Airlines and Starbucks, you can follow these three companies on Twitter and there are lots more!Two things you can do to assist yourself to stay in a good mood…1) will your attention away from the ugly, nasty thoughts2) eat healthy foodAs you are building your home based business you too can develop relationships with potential clients and customers on line. It really is easy once you are shown how. Remember how you feel when you go to work or start building your business is a reflection of how well you will do!