The Real Estate Business Broker Can Facilitate Development

For a successful land developer, a skilled real estate business broker can prove to be a valuable resource. Professionals in this line of work are uniquely qualified to work with developers to not only assist their clients in selling property, but also in helping communities get the resources they need.Developers often rely on real estate brokers to help them:
Locate property for development – While a developer might work on a national or international scale, the real estate broker tends to work on a micro-level. This means the broker is able to zero in and find property available for development when a developer shows an interest in an area. A commercial developer, for example, might have market research that shows a retail plaza is needed in a certain community. The broker would, in turn, help locate land the developer might be interested in building upon.
Perform localized market research – Real estate brokers who want to make large land scales often put an emphasis on market research. It is their bailiwick to know what a community truly needs in regard to construction. While developers will generally do their own research prior to making a purchase, they do pay heed to what local developers say in regard to localized need.
Find buyers for developed properties – While some real estate developers hang on to their properties once they are developed, many do not. When the latter is the case, the real estate broker would provide the service of helping find potential buyers. This is commonplace in the business of developing residential properties, for example.
Navigate local government processes – With land development and real estate laws differing from state to state and often community to community, the local broker is often the “expert” n the area. While a developer will hire representation, the initial information about zoning, permitting and other regulations tends to come from the broker.
See a need or potential – It is not out of the question for a real estate business broker to actually lobby on behalf of clients and the communities they serve to find a developer for certain property. If, for example, there is a need in a community for more commercial, residential or industrial development, the broker might be the one making contacts to potential developers.